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Updated: Oct 13, 2018

After many years of encouragement, I wander down this journey of sharing with you my endeavors and experiments with health, nutrition, self-maintenance (skin and hair care), … my outlook and perspective on life.

I entitled this opening blog post “Show Me Your Empties…” as I really don’t want to hear what other people are using from time to time and hoping it works, I myself want to know what everyone loved so much that they finished it - and used it again! Self-Maintenance both on the inside and outside can take a huge amount of work, and break the bank in many cases. I prefer to take the route of seeing what we can do for ourselves and be “High-Maintenance yet Self-Sustaining.”

My life has always been about being the best me that I can be, being self-sustaining in an overly-dependent world, and always being in competition with only oneself. I find competing with others, jealousy, and excuses in life to be the “ugly road” and instead think that if our focus is entirely on our own self-analyzation and betterment - then it can be a truly “beautiful journey.”

The aforementioned leads me to the discussion of opinions and the critique of others (which we can get into more thoroughly later). Even thinking down that path can lead to relationship destruction. Remember, each person’s journey is their individual choice, and you’re always better off focusing on bettering yourself - and thereby being an example to others.

Thank you for starting this journey with me, and over time, let’s communicate here and share our experiences! I hope you look forward to next week's post where I'll discuss what I'm using now as my nighttime routine (and it's not easy!) See you then!

Show Me Your Empties...

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What days are you planning on posting new posts? Can't wait!


Really looking forward to this...!

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